If time is money, what would an Extended Season, Reduced Maintenance, and Prolonged Equipment Life mean to your bottom line?


snowmakingIn a highly competitive ski industry, the resorts with best snow sell the most passes, rent the most equipment and claim the greatest market share. Our advanced aeration technology incorporated into your snowmaking reservoir can help you achieve the advantage of producing consistent quality snow creating a more sustainable resort environment.


An expertly designed reservoir aeration system can dramatically cool water resources for early and late season snowmaking and protect reservoirs from ice damage.

Colder Water

66Extending the ski season by initiating snowmaking earlier in the season is highly profitable as skiers eagerly line up to hit the slopes. While there are many variables to be considered for early season snow making, water-cooling issues are of primary concern. Aqua Sierra Inc.’s proprietary aeration technology is used to “supercool”. This aggressive stirring of the reservoir is caused by a mixing plume of “Champaign-like” bubbles. Bubble diameter is directly related to HP and mixing, due to the way air moves through water. Bubbles larger than 1/8” in diameter are limited in their mixing capabilities. Aqua Sierra Inc.’s fine-bubble aeration ranges in diameter from 1/8” to 1/64”, providing unsurpassed water cooling potential. Pairing our patented tubing and modules with the most energy efficient compressors and blowers on the market, makes Aqua Sierra Inc.’s reservoir aeration systems the most efficient and effective on the market today.


 “When the ASI aerators were installed at Snow Central in November, the water temperature was 48 degrees with the aerators running for 12 hours a day. After approximately 5 weeks, the water temperature stabilized at 31 degrees, at which time we turned down the amount of running time on the aerators to 6 hours to maintain a temperature of 35 degrees.”

– Vail Snowmaking

Fortified Infrastructure

fortified-infrastructureAs the winter months progress, most reservoirs begin to develop a thick sheet of ice across the surface. As water levels decrease during snowmaking this ice layer poses a potential hazard to the liner and shoreline of the reservoir. Aqua Sierra Inc.’s custom designed snowmaking reservoir aeration systems also act to reduce ice cover to minimize the risk of ice damage.

“The Aqua Sierra aeration system cooled our pond water temperature from 38 to 32 degrees, aiding in making snow at high temperatures during a marginal temperature snowmaking season. Our Aqua Sierra bubbler system has also reduced the ice build-up on our pond helping protect our pump at low water levels.”

  –Telluride Snowmaking

Cleaner Water

While the Aqua Sierra Inc. reservoir aeration system functions to cool water in a natural and cost-effective manner during the ski season, it will also improve the overall water quality and aesthetics of your resource throughout the year. Aqua Sierra Inc.’s aeration systems work to intercept suspended nutrients before they can be converted into plant and algae biomass as well as preventing stagnation of the resource. If off-season conditions are suitable, the snowmaking reservoirs can support game fisheries, making it a valuable summer recreational resource.

Free System Design

If you are interested in receiving a free design and cost estimate for a reservoir aeration system, please fill out our Snowmaking Reservoir Worksheet below. We look forward to working with you to enhance the snowmaking capabilities at your resort.

Snowmaking Reservoir Worksheet