Aqua Sierra, Inc.’s is staffed by the industry’s best talent in the fields of Fisheries, Aquatic Biology, Restoration Ecology, Aquaculture, and Water Treatment; and our clients have come to expect no less. The diversity of experience and expertise within our team allows us to assess management issues from every side to create multifaceted solutions for each project. Here’s a little bit about our team that makes us who we are:


Bill Logan

CEO / Certified Fisheries Scientist
M.S. Colorado State University – Fisheries: Pathology, Nutrition, Culture, and Water Quality Influence
B.S. New Mexico State University – Wildlife & Fisheries Management, Range & Soil Management

With over 40 years in experience in the management of aquatic and terrestrial environments Bill Logan remains an industry leader and innovator as he heads the team at Aqua Sierra Inc.  Bill’s daily responsibilities include driving strategy, new business, and the development of groundbreaking management technologies while lending his extensive understanding of fisheries and water management to each of our projects.  When not in the office, Bill can be found on his ranch or on a trail with his lovely wife Gayle and their horses Cimarron and Rojo.


Kendra Holmes

President / Senior Fisheries Biologist
B.S. Ball State University – Aquatic Biology & Fisheries

Kendra moved from a small Indiana town to Colorado in early 2000 and has been with Aqua Sierra, Inc. for more than 20 years.  She is an owner and President of Aqua Sierra.  Her position as senior fisheries biologist assures the best service and success with a variety of projects coast-to-coast.

Kendra has also been the President of the Colorado Aquaculture Association for several years and is a respected industry leader, coordinating both private and public sector fisheries management strategies.  She is involved with multifaceted aquatic system designs for large municipalities and private sector resources.  In Kendra’s free time you will find her enjoying her teenage children and husband exploring the great outdoors of Colorado.

Graham Buggs BioGraham Buggs

Aquatic Biologist

B.S. Colorado State University – Fish, Wildlife & Conservation Biology

Utah State University – Graduate Certificate: Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Graham Buggs has more than 10 years of experience in fisheries, macroinvertebrates, and aquatic habitat management.  Yes, Mr. Buggs is quite interested in studying aquatic bugs!  His experience ranges from experiences with the Bureau of Land Management, Colorado Parks & Wildlife, and Wyoming Game & Fish, as well as privately owned fisheries companies.  His knowledge includes assisting with Chinook Salmon and Striped Bass research in California, native fish management in Colorado and Wyoming, to habitat and macroinvertebrate studies in Utah.

Graham is involved with many aspects of aquatic resource management including fisheries population assessments, habitat management, fish stocking recommendations, and much more.  Call him to discuss your fisheries management concerns.  His friendly nature and experience will assure you success with your fisheries and aquatic resource needs.  In Graham’s off time, you’ll find him driving his built Jeep through the mountains of Colorado or the red rock of Moab, UT.  He may be observed around waters along the way “sampling” fish with his fly rod.


Baily Menefee

Fisheries Biologist
B.S. Ohio University – Wildlife and Conservation Biology. specializing in Fisheries Management

Baily Menefee has over five years of experience in fisheries and aquatic management. She moved to Colorado to pursue her dream of working with fish in the Rocky Mountains. She has gained extensive knowledge and experience sampling high mountain lakes including rare and threatened species assessments.

Baily is available to help you with fish stocking, habitat assessments, water quality evaluations, pond and lake management including fisheries population surveys. In her off time, she enjoys being outdoors camping with her dog, fishing, and hiking!


Miranda Mix

Fisheries Biologist
B.S. Cornell University—Environment & Sustainability, with a concentration in Wildlife and Fisheries Management

Miranda Mix is a recent graduate of Cornell University and during her time as an undergraduate, she quickly discovered her passion for aquatic ecology and fisheries management. She has interned at the Denver office of the EPA, in the Water Quality Section, and at a Cornell field station in the Adirondacks, where she was involved in a climate-adaptive Brook Trout stocking project. Miranda is very excited to join the Aqua Sierra team and enjoys skiing and hiking in her free time!


Brian Shipley

Installation Maintenance Supervisor/ Safety Coordinator
B.S. Colorado State University – Business Administration & Finance

Brian Shipley is a graduate of Colorado State University and has more than 25 years’ experience in fisheries and aquatic management.

Brian is instrumental in the evaluation of aquatic resources for application of aeration diffusion in wastewater and sport lake systems, pumping systems, and bacterial injection systems.  He is involved in all aspects of aquatic resource management efforts including the sampling of lakes and streams for fishery evaluation, population estimates, habitat assessments and aquatic plant and invertebrate analyses.  Brian enjoys fly fishing from the Florida Keys to Alaska, as well as skiing in the wintertime.


Robert Forsyth

Aquaculture Engineer
B.S. University of Oklahoma – Mechanical Engineering

Robert has over thirty years of engineering background including project management, R&D, machine/system design, manufacturing, field service, system compliance testing and drafting. Mr. Forsyth has provided complete engineering and project management services for the aquaculture industry, including: process design and operational specifications; mechanical design and equipment specifications; construction and operation cost estimates; project bid documentation and scheduling; supervision of equipment installation; system start up and troubleshooting; operator training; and operational data management and analysis.

Robert co-developed with Aqua Sierra Inc. a computer model for the design and operation of aquaculture systems, and has been responsible for new product development, field-testing and patenting.

Introducing our Newest Member

Fisheries Biologist
Fisheries Accredited University

This could be you.  If your skill set includes a strong background in fisheries, water quality, and resource management and have a commitment to science, integrity, honesty, and growing our team, contact Aqua Sierra Fisheries and Water Quality Consultants.  We are always looking for the best candidates who understand business and natural resource management.