Whether it is aerating a degraded pond or lake, protecting industrial infrastructure from biofouling, developing a trophy fishery or building aquaculture facilities; our clients can attest to the effectiveness of our fishery and water quality systems, the thoroughness of our science, and the quality of our service.



Dear Kendra,

I felt it was time to send my compliments to you and your whole organization for all the fine work you have done for us at our home in Eagle.  Several years ago we started the process to design and install a water feature here on our land and it has exceeded our expectations in all aspects.

As a contractor I really enjoyed working with your design and construction team through all the various aspects of the project.  Everyone at Aqua Sierra was totally professional and I always felt they had our best interests and the projects best interest at heart. The pond achieved every one of our goals, but most important it looks as if it has been here for a long time.  That was our most important requirement.

In addition, your work as the Maintenance Supervisor and the crew that has managed the aquatic environment has been superb.
Please do not hesitate to have a prospective client give me a call at any time the future.

Best of luck with any future projects.

John and Chris, Eagle, CO



Aqua Sierra has always been extremely helpful to us in maintaining our three ponds.  They are incredibly knowledgeable and extremely professional in their customer service.  We have worked with them for years, and plan on continuing to work with them for years to come.

Wendy, Telluride, CO



You have always been there when we needed you with expert advice and prompt service. Our ponds would not be in such good condition without your support. Thank you and we look forward to a continued relationship with Aqua Sierra.

Don, Boulder, CO



Aqua‐Sierra has done a great job taking on a challenging pond/pump system and making the very best of it. With innovative ideas to use nature rather than chemicals, they have made complaint calls a thing of the past. Mosquito larva is under control, algae is under control, and most of all, the budget is under control.

Mark, Aspen, CO



Aqua Sierra has been taking care of all aspects of our pond care for quite a few years, from the stocking and health of fish, to the maintenance and upkeep of the pond water and plants.  They have been nothing short of professional the entire time they have been of service.  We would highly recommend Aqua Sierra to anyone who has or is planning any water feature with or without aquatic life.  They have been a pleasure to work with throughout the years from our home in Edwards, Co to our home in Franktown, CO.

Lisa, Franktown, CO