treatment-or-lakes-tier-2.4Clean, beautiful water is our goal. Aqua Sierra Inc.’s proprietary aquatic management and treatment systems are the best in the industry at transforming ponds, lakes and streams into vibrant, healthy sustainable resources. Our systems are custom designed for each resource based on specific physical, chemical, and biological characteristics based on the goals of each project. Our service professionals design, install, and maintain all systems to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Whether you are looking to increase dissolved oxygen, mitigate nutrients, digest waste and sludge, prevent the settlement of invasive species, or to cool water for snowmaking, Aqua Sierra has the experience and technology to get the job done!


clean-water-maintenanceOxygen is the key ingredient in water treatment and ensuring the vitality of ponds, lakes, and streams. Aqua Sierra is a manufacturer authorized designer and supplier of Air Diffusion Systems® (ADS®) bottom diffused aeration – the most effective way to improve and maintain water quality in reservoirs, lakes, and ponds. We design complete, aquatic management solutions based on the specific needs of your water, as this is not “off the shelf” or “one size fits all” technology!

Aeration provides multiple benefits to a resource as it restores the conditions healthy water requires. Increased oxygen levels in the water column improve water quality, water clarity, and overall aesthetics. Aeration eliminates seasonal stratification by breaking up thermal layers and increasing dissolved oxygen concentrations. High oxygen concentrations limit nutrient availability and concentrations of toxic unionized ammonia.

The natural process of lake aging is increased by the addition of nutrients and sediments into the system . As this organic material sinks to the bottom and begins to decompose, sludge layers form that increase over time. As the seasons change, differences in temperature establish through the water column creating a thermo-cline, or rapid temperature and oxygen change with increasing depth. The water below the thermo-cline is the source of low dissolved oxygen, nutrient rich water. Reservoirs may be impaired by increased levels of dissolved nutrients, growing bottom sludge layers, and the consequences of seasonal thermal stratification leading to decreased oxygen levels throughout the lake. At depths below the thermo-cline these organic sediments are exposed to anoxic conditions that increase the dissolution rate of metals such as iron and manganese, and nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen. These low oxygen conditions can also create toxic gasses such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, and methane. These gases can produce noxious odors and well as off-tasting water. If left untreated, the contents of this layer will continue to create an environment that is source of problems throughout the system.

Aqua Sierra’s bottom diffused aeration is unparalleled in its ability to force the complete turn-over to maximize dissolved oxygen concentrations from top to bottom of the water column. Increased oxygen levels decrease concentrations of phosphorous, nitrogen, iron, and manganese that contribute to poor water quality. This mixing action also eliminates the anoxic conditions at the sludge-water interface also reducing the potential for toxic gas production and helps digest organic sludge within the resource. Finally, the areas of the lake once deprived of oxygen are now made available, extensively increasing the habitat for fish to grow and thrive. Properly designed aeration systems from Aqua Sierra not only act to improve water quality, but also work to protect the fishery from historic summer and winter fish kills due to low oxygen levels.


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Bacterial Injection

A healthy pond, lake, or stream is achieved through good water quality which is directly related to balancing nutrients within the system. Beneficial bacteria communities naturally occurring in soil and water are at the bottom nature’s food chain in aquatic systems and can be utilized to combat excess nutrients through direct competition. These bacteria improve water quality by accelerating the transformation of water nutrients into organic matter. By increasing the concentrations of certain bacterial communities, nutrients formerly available to plants and algae are converted into bacterial biomass which is a good source of food for many fish and other aquatic organisms. These teams of bacteria also complete the nitrification / de-nitrification process within lakes and ponds and reduce the accumulation of organic matter and sludge which can lead to odor problems.

It is important to point out that not all bacteria are the same. While there are a number of bacterial products on the market today, Aqua Sierra has represented and utilized many different strains for more than 20 years. With these different strains available to combat excess phosphorus, nitrogen, or to digest organic sludge the multiple benefits of bacterial products include:

  • Certified pathogen and mutagen free
  • All natural with no surfactants, emulsifiers, enzymes or genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
  • Minimal visible cell count at the time of bottling of 100 billion cells per ml.

Aqua Sierra Inc.’s proprietary Bacteria Injection Systems are the most advanced water management technology on the market today. Our systems incorporate state-of-the-art technology to deliver a measured flow of bacteria to continually intercept problematic nutrients. By combining bottom diffused aeration and continuous bacterial treatment into one easily maintained, completely automated system, we can evenly distribute these beneficial bacteria throughout the water column to improve water quality, water clarity, and limit aquatic plant and algae growth.

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Diffused Ozone

Ozone injection provides additional improvements to water quality by oxidizing organic materials within an aquatic resource. Ozone is oxygen with an extra atom, chemically represented as O3,and highly reactive. Ozone treatment works through a process called “oxidation.” When ozone is injected into a lake or reservoir it improves water quality by oxidizing and digesting organic materials and benthic sludge, leaving only pure oxygen in the water.

Ozone also efficiently breaks down toxic gasses such as hydrogen sulfide and methane and oxidizes soluble iron, manganese and phosphorus forming stable compounds that settle to the bottom of a resource. In aqueous environments ozone has a half-life of 20 minutes or less based on its reactivity with organic compounds. Ozone is 12.5 times mores soluble in water than oxygen and after reaction it dissolves in solution, further improving dissolved oxygen levels within the resource. In resources facing intermittent Biological Oxygen Demands (BOD) or Chemical Oxygen Demands (COD) the free oxygen atoms released by the ozone molecules helps to satisfy these demands to protect the fishery and maintain water quality.

Aqua Sierra has developed the technology to diffuse ozone through our aeration systems to maximize water treatment, sludge dissolution, and nutrient mitigation throughout the resource.

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In order to properly design an aeration system for your water resource, Aqua Sierra, Inc. requires the most accurate estimates of the following quantities.  In the event that any or all of these quantities are unknown, Aqua Sierra, Inc. can conduct a physical site survey to precisely determine the dimensions of your reservoir.

Aquatic Treatment System Design Worksheet

    Client Information

  • Resource Information



Based on the above specifications, we will design an aeration system and will present you with a complete proposal including design details and cost estimate.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call.