treatment-or-lakes-tier-2.4Throughout the US and locally in Colorado, our aeration systems and pond management services are known for their excellence and unparalleled ability to force the complete turn-over of water to maximize dissolved oxygen concentrations from top to bottom of the water column. Increased oxygen levels decrease concentrations of phosphorus, nitrogen, iron, and manganese that contribute to poor water quality. This mixing action also eliminates the anoxic conditions at the sludge-water interface reducing the potential for toxic foul-smelling gas production, reduces pond and lake aging, prevents seasonal water temp stratification by breaking up thermal layers, and helps bacteria digest the organic sludge within a client’s lake or pond. We’ve spent decades perfecting the engineering around our Colorado made aeration systems and bacteria injections to be the best at transforming ponds, lakes and streams into vibrant, healthy, sustainable resources.

With effective aeration you get decreased:

  • Phosphorus
  • Nitrogen
  • Iron
  • Manganese
  • Toxic gasses from anoxic reactions
  • Foul Smells
  • Lake Aging
  • Algae
  • Cyanobacteria

 And increased:

  • Health of fish and other organisms
  • Water quality
  • Water clarity
  • Water temperature regularity
  • Water cycling
  • Beneficial bacteria


Whether international, domestic, or down the road in Colorado, our aeration systems define the cutting edge of effective water quality and pond maintenance services.  Fill out the form below for more.

Custom Built & Cost Saving

clean-water-maintenanceAt Aqua Sierra, custom means cost saving. In water management aeration systems that are not custom designed and sized rarely, if ever, get results and need a lot of upselling for more units with limited lifespans. We often find ourselves removing the previous system a client purchased because “one size fits all” does not work. Each lake and pond is different from any other variables such as size, shape, depth, shore slope, groundwater infusion, aquatic species present, client goals, temperatures, wind direction, thermocline and hypolimnion depths, water flip timing, inflow and outflow rates and locations, sunlight amounts, turbidity, overwintering goals, and more all need to be considered and applied when solving aeration issues.

Just like different cars need different sizes and types of engines to do their jobs, we make sure that your water body gets the aeration system that it needs to do its job – designed and positioned to achieve your water management and ecosystem goals the first time. In water management, even a system that is almost what you need will get little to no results, because all water quality goals have a threshold of change for results to really start. Aeration efforts below this threshold result in problems persisting and may show little to no impact on issues. Ideally, an aeration system will be slightly over designed to account for years with higher temperatures, and to combat unforscene occurrences such as an invasive cyanobacteria or algae, Using a one-size-fits-all solution for a pond means are practicing an easy money approach that invites ineffective treatment with systems that are under designed, not built to last, and will require more money each time it isn’t meeting your goals.  Lake and pond managers across the nation know that this leads to massive amounts of wasted money. By ensuring that our systems are designed and installed by degree holding biologists and engineers to meet your expectations, we make sure that you get your money’s worth in performance, quality, longevity, and goals.


Contact the team at Aqua Sierra today to learn more about our aeration services and to see if they are right for your water.

Built to Last

Aqua Sierra is uses the most effective bottom diffused aeration systems to improve and maintain water quality in reservoirs, lakes, and ponds on the market. Our bottom aeration system lines are known to last over twenty years, while our designs sport dual compressor designs to ensure that the system has redundancy to both prolong its life and maintain aeration goals in the event that the system experiences a failure. Our aeration tubing carries a lifetime warranty, along with a 5 year aeration module warranty and an overall one year warranty on all our aeration systems along with maintenance packages designed around your budget and needs.

Real Science

We hire only biologists, geologists, engineers, and specialists in the fields we work in. Our staff has one purpose, and that is to get the job done for our clients. We offer solutions from as much of a holistic view as we can depending on the available testing and data. We keep archives of data from case studies, and both quantitative and qualitative sources of information to draw on in order to augment our decades of combined experience to get real results. We take pride that we stick to the simple modo of creating solutions based on real information and data. This philosophy carries into the design, creation and installation of each of our aeration units.


By both creating and installing your system, all your accountability is in one place. This means that if there are any issues in the installation, service, or functioning of the system Aqua Sierra is accountable for it. We avoid any blame game between a manufacturer and an installer and simply get the job done at no extra cost to our clients. 

Our engineers and biologists design, install, and maintain all our systems’ moving parts to ensure optimal performance and longevity while keeping accountability in one place. Whether you are looking to increase dissolved oxygen, mitigate nutrients, digest waste and sludge, prevent the settlement of invasive species, or cool water to maximize and prolong snowmaking, Aqua Sierra has the expertise and technology to get the job done.

From Shanghai to Moscow or right here in Colorado, our aeration systems and lake and pond management services are designed and made with our client’s to meet our client’s specific needs the first time. 

In order to properly design an aeration system for your water resource, Aqua Sierra, Inc. requires the most accurate estimates of the following quantities.  In the event that any or all of these quantities are unknown, Aqua Sierra, Inc. can conduct a physical site survey to precisely determine the dimensions of your reservoir.

Aquatic Treatment System Design Worksheet
pictures of the resource are helpful when designing a custom system

Based on the above specifications, we will design an aeration system and will present you with a complete proposal including design details and cost estimate.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call.