We handle Zebra and Quagga Mussel control among a variety of other species such as Bryozoa. Proper biofouling management is paramount in water systems, irrigation companies, power plants, ship ballast systems, and other industrial and aquatic industries that depend on operational water infrastructure and equipment.

Along with other pests and biofouling agents such as bryozoans, algae, New Zealand Mud Snails, and Asian Clams, nuisance species cause millions of dollars in damages to water systems all over the world each year. Aqua Sierra Inc.’s Copper Bio-Guard™ makes biofouling and Zebra and Quagga Mussel control cost effective, long-term, and easy to maintain while preserving even drinking water levels of quality.

Copper Bio-Guard™ Biofouling Management System

nuisance tier 2 CU ion unitOur systems creates an ionized solution of Copper Ions (Cu2+) and Aluminum Hydroxide (Al(OH)3) for a multi-tiered protection of your infrastructure. Copper ions can be used to target specific species, treating them at their most vulnerable life stages, to make settlement untenable and survival nearly impossible.

Copper Ions are injected into the system at 10ppb over ambient levels – a perfectly safe and drinkable level of Cu2+ for humans – but a toxic level to many biofouling species. When used in conjunction with Cu2+, Aluminum hydroxide forms an effective biofilm, bryozoa and  zebra and quagga mussel control mechanism that coats the infrastructure and impedes the settlement of veliger mussels while protecting water system infrastructure from corrosion by microbial biofilms.


Additional mussel mortality is caused by the Cu2+ ions as they inhibit filter feeding by the planktonic veligers. If ionic concentrations are maintained veliger death can occur within 96-120 hours as nutrient reserves are exhausted.

Cu2+ ions impede the formation of attachment threads from the mussel allowing the settling veligers to be flushed through the system. The Cu2+ ions can also treat established colonies inside of the system, causing mussels to release from the substrate and be flushed from the system once levels of Cu2+ ions that are dangerous to mussels have been ingested.

When deployed at plant or facility intakes, these systems can effectively, efficiently, and affordably protect entire water systems from biological fouling agents.

Aqua Sierra is a complete design/build firm meaning that we design and scale our biofouling and zebra and quagga mussel control and management systems for each client’s needs. With thousands of water treatment systems operational and installed in the field, our satisfied clients look to Aqua Sierra as the go-to firm for – not just meeting – but exceeding their biofouling treatment goals.

“We have found the system to be an effective solution for the Bryozoa problem and have had virtually no issues with baskets clogging and gears stripping (due to the formation of Bryozoa) since the installation of the system in fall of 2005.”

-Kurt, Brighton, Colorado


Whatever your biofouling concerns the team at Aqua Sierra, Inc., staffed by dedicated professionals bringing decades of experience to the field, are ready and available to assist in the management of fouling organisms. Contact ASI today to discuss control options to keep your water moving.