Crowe Picture 010Aqua Sierra’s biologists and engineers focus our design efforts to create balanced aquatic ecosystems, beautiful ponds, shimmering lakes, and flowing streams. Whether it is an attraction to wildlife and livestock or the joy experienced from fly fishing on a private stretch of stream, water adds both beauty and value to property.

A properly designed resource incorporates all aspects of the watershed and landscape. Aqua Sierra, Inc. designs aquatic ecosystems from the substrate to the shoreline to make the resources match the vision and needs of our client(s).

Aqua Sierra’s design services include:

  • Pond Design (contours and inlet/overflow discharge reconfiguration)
  • Inlet, Outlet, and Screening design
  • Edge Treatment Details
  • Fish habitat improvements
  • Bottom Drain Design and Overflow Structure Design
  • Liner Recommendations (textile/geotextile material recommendations)
  • Aquatic Treatment System Design (aeration, ozone, bacterial and copper ion injection)
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Artificial Spawning Beds Designs
  • Recirculating Stream Design

Spawning Habitat

spawning-bedOur intimate understanding of the science of fisheries and aquatic systems has enabled us to mimic Mother Nature in creating artificial spawning habitat in both still and moving water environments. The incorporation of spawning habitat into a resource is an essential component into creating a self-sustaining ecosystem and fishery. By incorporating energy efficient systems with the science of natural systems, Aqua Sierra brings our clients’ waters to life. Contact our team today and learn what it would take to incorporate spawning habitat and systems into your aquatic resource.

Recirculating streams

Aqua Sierra brings decades of experience to the field designing re-circulating stream courses that create the ambiance of a meandering waterway through your property . Equipped with the most energy efficient pumping technologies available, and knowledgeably combining the science of aquatic systems, our recirculating stream designs are unparalleled in the industry. To share your vision for your water and to receive a design quote, contact the team at Aqua Sierra today.