As a leading environmental consulting firm and renowned lake and pond management company, Aqua Sierra Inc. has over 30 years of experience providing cutting edge, effective, and high-quality water management services ranging from water quality maintenance and design to ecosystem recovery. 

From Aqua Sierra’s birth high in the Colorado Rockies in 1989 to our current national and international reach, we have spent decades working by the principles of science and quality workmanship. We help clients of all sizes excel in meeting and exceeding their water system management goals including stream, lake and pond maintenance, to custom made aeration and water systems, fish stocking, expert witnesses on water issues, snow reservoir management, and much more. Contact us to learn more. 

Real Science from Real Scientists:

Anyone you talk to or interact with at Aqua Sierra is a degree holding biologist, engineer, or scientist in a related field—a fact that we take immense pride in. We are a full-service environmental consulting firm with stream, lake, and pond management services—and we understand the critical nature of our work. Creating effective solutions for water systems is complicated and under designing any solution or system will result in little to no return for our clients. Because of this, we are often tasked in fixing the failures of other companies who cut corners and perform the work that pays instead of the work that gets maximum ROI and results. That is why our experts design, build, and install effective solutions for each client. From aeration systems to bacteria injectors we meet your ecosystem, stream, lake and pond management needs and budget. Our decades of experience have taught us that more preparation and accuracy in the beginning means less costs and far better results for our clients overall. Browse our site to learn more about our wide range of products and services. 

As a premier environmental consulting firm, we work on a variety of scales across the globe:

Local Services:

The staff that works on multi-million dollar projects around the world, brings the same level of service and commitment to our neighborhood ponds, lakes or reservoirs throughout Colorado and surrounding states.

National Projects:

With projects ranging from the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC to working with Native communities in the East and West, we design and manage the creation and maintanance of water resources throughout the United States.

International Work:

From Canada, to the UE, China, Russia, South America, Africa, or anywhere in between, we proudly provide the highest quality water system design, and management services to our international clients.

From the top down, we run every aspect of Aqua Sierra on the foundation that effective and long-lasting service and solutions are grounded in  science and an understanding of the engineering, biological, geological, and hydrological systems of an issue. Any service we offer is done by degree holding biologists and engineers. This way, our clients can stay within budget while receiving service with years of education, experience, and truly expert advice on each site visit, fish stocking, install, or client meeting. With truly expert staff, our environmental consulting services can catch costly issues before they occur and are far more adaptable – allowing us to meet the challenges of your unique water system. In the age of shifting climates and ecosystem inputs, this is critical to maximizing your water system’s resilience, health, and effectiveness.

Plant Management

When on site we use the safest, most ecologically responsible methods to effectively manage your aquatic vegetation. We offer one time or regularly scheduled site visits.

Fish Stocking

The perfect mix of aesthetics and natural problem solving, properly adding fish helps balance ecosystems, add life to ponds, and create trophy fishing conditions.

Aeration Systems

Water movement is critical to the quality and health of your water system. We provide custom engineered aeration systems designed for results the first time.

Lake & Pond Design

With a full understanding of the biological, chemical, and physical elements of good lake and pond design, Aqua Sierra helps designs premier water bodies..

Our Services also cover aquaculture and aquaponics, biofouling management, water testing, lake and reservoir mapping, fisheries design and water quality testing, snowmaking reservoir maintenance, wastewater treatment, and a variety of aquatic treatment systems. If there are environment and water related services not listed or you need assistance trouble shooting a particular issue, contact us to see what we or our affiliates can do for you.