In Colorado, trout fishing is iconic to our way of life and passion for the mountains.  Private ponds provide opportunity for anglers of all ages and skills to enjoy the thrill of these amazing fish.  Ponds and lakes contribute immeasurable value to a mountain home, community, or fishing club.

Trout spawn naturally in rivers, and moving water is required for their reproduction.  Most ponds and lakes do not have the habitat necessary for natural reproduction.  Even when a small inlet stream is present, it is uncommon for the habitat to support natural reproduction.  For this reason, most lakes and ponds depend on fish stocking to maintain their recreational value.

“Excitement and surprise are found at the end of every line”

Stocking schedules determined by a trained biologist ensure that the fishing experience is consistent year after year.  This creates a fishery that mimics wild populations, where the fish caught are not all the same size, and excitement and surprise are found at the end of every line.  ASI supplies the highest quality trout available; displaying bright coloration, excellent health and appearance, and are also certified disease free.  If you want the best, that is what we provide.

ASI biologists have the experience to provide you with the best fishing experience.  The ASI team carefully works with you to accomplish your goals.  This involves determining the best species of trout for your pond, initial stocking rates, and the development of a stocking schedule. A stocking schedule outlines fish stocking for the future to ensure your trout population remains consistent.

Contact ASI today, and a trained biologist will work with you to maximize your trout fishery!